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Four Year Old Programme

We have a brilliant programme set up for four year olds who are about to begin at Pegasus Bay School. The purpose is to help your child (and you!) with readiness for life and learning at our school.  If you are not able to bring your child for visits prior to starting school, that's OK too. If you live within our home zone, we do ask that you get in touch with us as soon as your child turns 4 to let us know that your child will be joining us. 
Have a look at our New Entrant information leaflet in the resources section to the right for dates of 4 year old visits this year, more information, and for tips. 

If you would like more information, or would like to arrange to come in for a visit, please contact the Junior Syndicate Leader, Tanya Wells, via the school office.  
New Entrant info.
New Entrant Guide 2016
Prior to starting school, you will need to complete an enrolment forms as well as copies of their birth certificate and immunisation certificate are required before they start school as a 5 year old.