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Enrolling with us

Who can enrol
We have an enrolment scheme, which determines who can enrol with us, based on their home address.  Have a look at the map on our in zone declaration form on the right to see if you are within our home zone. The declaration on this document must also be signed, and proof of address noted by us prior and to your child starting school.   

When to enrol
As soon as your child turns 4 or as soon as you know you are moving to an address within our home zone.  

How to enrol
Phone the school and make an appointment to meet with the Principal.  It's a good idea to bring your child with you to this meeting, as they will get a chance to have a look around the school too. 

What happens next
At the meeting with the Principal, he will tell you about our school and how we do things.  He'll ask questions about your child and you can ask any questions you have too.  You'll go for a walk around the school, and will get to have a look at the space your child will be learning in, and meet some of the teachers.  If your child is a new entrant, you can also discuss the Four Year Old Programme with the new entrant teacher, and arrange visits.    
Enrolment information
Enrolment form 2018
In zone declaration 2018
Pegasus Bay Code of Conduct 2018
Cyber Safety Agreement-A4
Bus Code of Conduct
Parent Handbook 2018
Stationery List 2018
School map

The Four Year Old Programme
Details of our programme are on the Four Year Old Programme page you can click on to the right of this page.   

The paperwork
You don't have to bring the completed enrolment forms with you to the meeting with the Principal, but it's great if you do.  He will give you an enrolment pack with all the forms and copies of our handbook and any other relevant information when you meet.  

Prior to starting school
Before your child starts their first day with us, we need the completed enrolment form and in zone declaration form, proof of address and a copy of your child's birth certificate (if they are a new entrant) and immunisation certificate, and passport with valid visas if applicable.  

Coming from overseas
If you are coming from overseas, if you could bring a copy of their last report form, this will help us in deciding where best to place them.  If you have any questions about the NZ education system, please just ask.  

Out of zone enrolments
If the Board of Trustees determines that we have space for out of zone enrolments, then an advert will be placed in the local newspaper asking for applications.  Details of the process are included in the Out of Zone Enrolments page to the right of this page.