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Hockey (Summer)

This awesome opportunity allows our budding Hockey players to get game experience in a fun and competitive environment.

This year/Term 1 we only had enough keen players to field one senior team. Hopefully later in the year we can better that!!!!

Mouth-guards and shin-pads are compulsory for all players.

Good luck to our team!!!!

Senior Hockey Team

# Abi W                       

# Rosa C

# Abi G

# Lana H 

# Kristy K 
 # Liam H              

 # Katie  M 

# Tyron O 

# Emily G 


Week 6 Draw:  Click HERE for the Week 6 (first game) draw
Week 7 Draw:  Click HERE for the Week 7 draw details
Week 8 Draw:  Click HERE for the Week 8 draw details
Week 9 Draw:  Click HERE for the Week 9 draw details
Week 10 Draw:  Click HERE for the Week 10 draw details
Week 11 Draw:  Click HERE for the Week 11 draw details