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Touch Rugby Term 1 2018

Touch rugby is played at Southbrook Park (home to Saracens Rugby Club) and during the summer terms.  

Wednesday 28th February

Panthers         5.10pm     Field 2A
Pandas            5.10pm     Field 10B
Untagables     5.10pm     Field 6
Teams for 2017 and 2018 season:

Pegasus Panthers (Coach / manager: Joe Faimalo and Jenni Loffhagen)
Emily Moore
Haylee Loffhagen
Poppy Lightfoot
Tahlia Eales
Finley Tocker
Dylan Robinson
Zyon Faimalo
Joe Wright

Pegasus Pandas (Coach / manager: Jonny Todd and Leanne Oram)
Annabelle Oram
Maggie Smythe
Rubie Attrill
Paige McGreagor
Leo Higston
Luca McFadden
Jonty Williams
Corban Jones
Jackson Todd
Riley Klopper
Luke Galbraith

Pegasus Untagables (Coach / manager: Jane Roberts and Jenni Loffhagen)
Tilly Ensor
Ana Tau
Jessie Pickering
Emma Tull
Noah Loffhagen
Rakiatia Tau
Harry Roberts
Josh Watts
Ben Murray
Matthew Moore
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