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If I have concerns about my child who do I speak to?

Your first approach is always to your child’s homeroom or subject teacher in their learning community. It is often easier to book a time to see the teacher so you have the teacher’s undivided attention. You can call the school on 9207000 to do this or email them directly.  If you still have concerns after this you can speak to the SENCO, DP”s or Principal.   

Will there be a cost to me?
No any school-based support is free.

Will my child be singled out or made to feel uncomfortable?
Any intervention is aimed to support your child and be as inclusive as possible.

What does SENCO/SNT mean?
The Special Educational Needs Coordinator oversees learning and behavioural support, the Special Needs Team supports the SENCO.

What kind of support is there for my child when they start high school?
Children who are identified as requiring support are referred to the RTLB service and a transition plan is put in place to support them moving to high school. When there is support already in place, through an outside agency, this support will usually follow them through to high school.

How does my child become eligible for individual support i.e a teacher aide?
Individual support with a teacher aide is usually funded through an outside agency e.g RTLB, MOE, after a student has been referred and accepted. The school receives as part of its funding from the MOE a SEG grant (Special Education Grant). This is used to employ teacher aides who work within learning communities and with groups of students.