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Our Link Agencies


Our school works closely with the Resource Teachers of Learning and Behaviour (RTLB) Service from Cluster 33 administered from Kaiapoi North School. This group of specialist teachers accepts students on to their roll, when they have been referred from our school to the service for extra support. Students or groups of students can be referred for either learning or behavior needs or both. The RTLB Service comes into classrooms to support the teacher by making observations of the child in the room, taking specialist assessments, talking with the child’s parent(s) and teacher, and making recommendations for the classroom teaching and learning programme and suggestions for additional support at home. The RTLB Service is part of a vital support network for the school as we look beyond our regular resources to support students who present with more challenging needs.


Our Resource Teacher of Literacy (RTLit) Chuck Marriott  is based at  Kaiapoi North School. He is a specialist teacher in reading and writing. Students are referred to the RTLit throughout the year as concerns in literacy are identified. The RTLit carries out in-depth assessments and then identifies programmes/strategies to support students with teachers or teacher aides. The RTLit also provides professional development for staff and will sometimes work 1 on 1 with students.  

Handwriting Support Service

Students are referred to this service based at Isleworth School.  An assessment is done and from this in-class support is identified.


Students are referred to Group Special Education (GSE) for a variety of reasons. Staff members work closely with everyone in order to support the child with special educational needs and their parents. The types of people in the community who may be called on for support and help include:

  • speech-language therapists

  • kaitakawaenga

  • psychologists

  • special education advisors

  • occupational therapists

  • physiotherapists

  • early intervention teachers

  • assistive technology coordinators