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Oral language support
designed to increase the spoken word knowledge and foundation of young children usually in conjunction with a Speech and Language Therapist (SLT).

Phonological awareness
designed to increase children’s knowledge of sounds and letters 
e.g. ‘Multilit’.

Reading support 
offered across a range of year levels to support students develop their decoding skills and understanding of print e.g. ALL (Accelerated Literacy Learning).

Writing support
offered across a range of year levels to support children develop their writing skills e.g. Focused teaching.

Spelling support
specifically targeting children’s recording of sound to print
 and strategies for learning words.

7 + Reading Support
This works on 3 areas to build comprehension: Decoding, Building Vocabulary and Fluency.Short pieces of text with some difficult words are used along with intensive teaching. The difficult words are taken out of the text and decoding them is practiced. The meaning of the words is examined (building vocab) and they are put in oral sentences. The passage is read 3 times to help build up fluency - first modeled by the teacher aide, secondly choral reading all together, then round robin with each student reading a bit.

Mathematics support
in-class support of students with the acquisition of mathematical concepts, particularly focusing on the number strand

Motor skills programme
designed to help with the development of gross motor skills, co-ordination, balance, cross-patterning and building up muscle tone

Handwriting programme
designed to assist children with developing their fine motor skills to support the acquisition of handwriting skills.

Social Skills
Social skills programmes are run to help groups of students or individual students with developing friendships and other social skills e.g. Socially Speaking, Circle Time.