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Learning Support Staff

The SENCO (Special Educational Needs Coordinator) oversees Learning and Behavioral Support at Pegasus Bay. Viv Morgan (DP) is our current SENCO.

The SNT (Special Needs Team) supports the SENCO to oversee learning and behaviour at Pegasus Bay. Lisa Hewitt and Nic Mathwin along with Viv are our current SNT members.

The Board of Trustees provides additional teacher aide resourcing to support children with their learning at Pegasus Bay. The learning support staff members currently working at our school are: Alison Scarlett, Amber Phillpott, Juleen Lacey, Dedrie Trnjanain, Liz Jakes, Maggie Yagmich and Linda Woods.

Communication between Teacher Aides and teaching staff is ongoing with formal and informal observations recorded daily on the Learning Support Communication form. Like all staff at Pegasus Bay Teachers Aides are involved in ongoing regular professional development and are appraised every year.

Children who participate in learning support programmes, have been referred by their Learning Community teachers in conjunction with their team leaders to the Special Needs Team. Children are either accepted into the programme, with parents receiving written notification of inclusion in the programme, or if the referral is declined, recommendations for classroom programme adaptation are made.