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Tour & Media Enquiries

Want to come and see us?

Educators out there
We know there is lots of interest in our new school, and MLE, from the education community.  We would love to talk to you about our journey and show you around our awesome school!
If you are an education facility interested in coming and having a look at our school, and talking to our staff - please complete the second page of our Pegasus Bay visit info.pdf, scan and email it back to micky@pegasusbay.school.nz. This will help us to make sure you get the most our of your time here. Micky will then contact you to arrange a date for you to visit.  
Please note, in order to minimise disruption to our students and staff we are limiting visits and tours to Thursdays only, with the first week and last week of term kept free.  
Educator visits
Pegasus Bay visit sheet
Media information
Pegasus Bay fact sheet
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All visits will start with a presentation from our Principal, to give you a background and understanding of how and why we do things the way we do.

Media enquiries
If you would like an interview with our Principal, or would like to come and see us for photography or filming, please contact micky@pegasusbay.school.nz or phone on 03 920 7000 and ask for Micky. We are working on approved photography and text to show off our amazing school, children, zero net energy and our modern learning environment.  Once this is available, it will be in the resources section of this page.  

Future students at our school
Check out our enrolments page.