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Modern Learning Environment (MLE)

Modern learning environments are are digitally connected, flexible spaces that allow teachers to tailor learning for small or large groups.

They include open areas for collaborative learning and quiet spaces for independent learning, as well as technology, media, arts, resource and reading spaces.
MLE designs meet special standards for acoustics, lighting, ventilation and heating.
Research proves that the design of modern learning environments creates a secure and stimulating learning environment and supports innovative and imaginative teaching practices.  The end result is a boost in student engagement levels, which can lead to improved academic achievement.   
When we started our MLE journey, we had lots of questions from parents about what it was, what it would mean and how it would work. We held a number of parent workshops and meetings to talk it all through. We also made some videos for those who weren't able to come to the meetings - and you can view these too, below. 

Do you want to know more?  

Take a virtual tour through our school.
MLE videos
2-Environment - Setting the scene
3-Environment - The Research
MLE Room 9
4-Environment - Prototyping
5-The Teachers - Multi Teaching Environment
Lead teacher presentation to her staff
6-The Teachers - Working Together
7-The Child - The Role of Technology
8-The Child - The Pegasus Bay difference
9-The Child - The Romance of past
Your questions answered
MLE Q and A 15Aug2013
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