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School Closure Procedure

In the past we have had to close, or had a delayed start to our school day, due to earthquakes, floods and heavy snow.  In the case of ‘crisis’ situations such as these, the decision to close the school will be made by the Principal and BOT Chairperson.  Should one of these people not be available, one of our Deputy Principals will have input in the decision.  In all circumstances of school closure, every attempt will be made to notify you in the first instance, or the emergency contact you have given us.  

Where possible, we will:
* Send an alert via our phone app;
* Post a message on the school Facebook page;
* Put a note on the home page of this website;
* Send an email via Linc-Ed to the email addresses you have given us.

As recent events have shown us, we cannot predict events or the time it may take parents to get to school to pick children up.  In any emergency, please be assured that the welfare of your children is paramount to us.  Pupils will not be left at school alone to wait for you.  Supervision, reassurance and support are core functions of the school until all children are with their family.  

Please be aware that in such instances, the school phone is likely to be busy due to the high demand, or be left to answerphone if we are in the midst of an emergency muster.  We will endeavour to respond to messages left as soon as we are able.

Where a decision is made to close before the school day starts, we will:
• Put a notice on More FM (92.1);
• Send an alert via our phone app;
• Email all parents via our student management system;
• Put a message on the school answerphone – if possible;
• Post messages on our website and Facebook page – if possible.

Please note: if there is no power supply to the school, we will be limited in our options to contact you, so tune in to More FM to hear whether we are open or not.  

In stating the above, if you have concerns, then you do not need to wait for the school to officially close.  You can come and collect your child at any time, but you MUST let the office and the teacher know first.  
It is vital that you let us know if your contact details change, so that we can be sure we have your correct home phone, cell phone and email address should we need to contact.  Please advise admin@pegasusbay.school.nz of any changes to your contact information as soon as they change.