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Our Uniform

Our school uniform is compulsory.  It encourages a sense of belonging and identity - our pupils are proud to be recognised as Pegasus Bay School children.   

It is the responsibility of all children at Pegasus Bay to ensure they are wearing the correct school uniform.  A signed note from a parent / caregiver is required if there is to be a temporary change from the wearing of the uniform.   

Please note that only the items listed on our uniform list below are permitted.  The previous policy to "wear any shorts or trackpants as long as they are navy blue" is no longer in place.  
Our uniform
Pegasus Bay uniform March 2014

We don't prescribe the shoes your children should wear,  we trust that you will ensure they have adequate footwear to be able to take part in sporting activities.  When choosing footwear, you should also consider that we operate shoe-less Learning Communities, and your child will be taking their shoes on and off numerous times during the day.   

Please can you ensure that your child's clothing is clearly named and of tidy appearance.   

During the summer months we have a strict 'no hat, no play' policy - all children must wear a hat if they are outside the Learning Community.   We have a very distinctive school hat - and this is only available from the school office for $20.   The hat is compulsory for all students. 

Below is a list of our school uniform items, style numbers and prices.     All items of our uniform, apart from the hat, are available to purchase from The Warehouse Rangiora. They operate a layby system and periodically have special offers on non-logo items.