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About our School

Our school was founded in 1873 and is over 141 years old now! 

There have been many changes over the years, and work is underway to include a history page on our website to highlight some key moments in our history.  The most notable change in our recent history was our relocation from our site at Waikuku to our new school in Pegasus.  

Families move to our area for lifestyle and to get out of the city. Our school reflects this. It is a school that lets children be children wear bare feet, climb trees, get grazes and have fun. We value all that is great about our area - the beaches, the lake, the forest, the wetlands, the river, the golf course and the history of the area. These features will become integral parts to how we teach and what we teach. We are a school for adventurers, for creators and for thinkers.
A central theme for us is that our children must become Kaitiaki (which broadly translates as guardians). People say that we need to leave a better planet for our children - we say that we need to leave better and more informed children for our planet.  As our children progress through our school they will have hands on experiences with our community and area that ensure they have a Kaitiaki mindset. The notion of Kaitiaki also refers to being a guardian of ourselves and our potential. Achieving and knowing about your gifts and talents is essential. 'Achieving' is more than great grades which is why we want to have a Golf Academy, a Sailing Academy and a Surfing Academy as well as a strong focus on Performing Arts. 
Our school is a school like no other. It is Zero Nett Energy which means we produce all our own electricity and in the holidays and weekends when we are still producing electricity it goes back into the grid and earns us money. We have a strong beach and eco focus as well as an awesome gymnasium, plans for a scooter track, a wetlands area to play in at school, a community allotment so community members can come and grow veges with us.... the list could go on!
The Learning Communities (classrooms) are stunning. Yes there is the flash new technology with all the bells and whistles but what is even more important is the great staff we have. I would be absolutely rapt to have my child taught by any teacher at Pegasus Bay. We have a blend of youth and experience and every single teacher and teacher aide is totally committed to every child. A great school isn't about ERO reports or achievement levels (but rest assured that ours are outstanding) it is about children and parents being committed and wanting to be part of our school - and they are. 

We have an open door policy here, and we want to know what you are thinking - so if there's something you think we've done well and should know about, or you have a concern about something, or you have an idea you'd like to share - please get in touch.  You can pop in, phone or email.  If I'm not about, then Micky, my PA, is a good person to speak to.  

Roger Hornblow