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Pet Day

Here's what you need to know for Pet Day:

The weather looks good for Wednesday so we are all set for a great day. If we do need to cancel we will let you know on Wednesday morning via the phone App, Facebook and email. 

All living pets must been pre-registered so we know exactly what we are expecting. If you haven't registered a pet, please don't turn up with one on the day.

On the pet day, animals in cages can be dropped at school from 8.30am onwards. They will remain outside under the eaves of the gym until 11.30 when they will be taken into the gym to clearly marked areas. 

All larger uncaged pets can come come to school from 10:30, and must be brought into school through the gates on the field, not through the main entrance. Due to difficulty with vehicle access we are unable to have pets that would require trailer or float transportation within the school grounds. You can bring larger uncaged animals if you can walk them through one of the side gates.  Your animal is your responsibility on pet day. It is important that your pet is well socialised and completely able to cope with the pet day environment. You will need to bring supplies for your pet with you:  food, water, shelter, a lead and waste disposal bags. You are expected to clean up after your pet.

Uncaged animals MUST be accompanied by an adult all of the time. They can be taken home again after judging if they are not participating in the final parade. Uncaged animals need to be taken home at 2.30. 

We have 5 categories for the dogs. Year 1-2, Year 3-4, Year 5-6, Year 7-8 and shared dogs (for siblings sharing a dog). The year level is the children's year level at school, not the dogs' ages. 

Pet owners are responsible for the welfare and care of their animals while at school. Pets must be under control at all times. Any animal waste must be taken home by the owners. 

The judges' decisions are final and no correspondence will be entered into. The first, second and third place getters will all receive a rosette on the day and then a certificate in their Learning Community the following day. 

Dog owners will have the chance to try their dogs at an agility course during the lunch hour. Dogs must stay on the lead for this. 

Children are required to stay at school for the whole day, and can not go home early with their pet and adult. 

All non living pets: pet rocks, soft toys, posters and veggie pets need to be taken to the Student Common before 9 o'clock. These will all be judged. 

Children are able to take their non living pets: soft toys, pet rocks etc in the parade. 

The children will all be required to be in class until morning tea. 

There will be ice cream for sale at morning tea (10.40-11) and also again during the pet parade at 2pm.

There will be a coffee van for your caffeine fix from approximately 12-2pm. 

Please help your children to be able to talk confidently about their pet based on the following criteria: 
1 General knowledge of pet
2 Care of pet
What the pet is fed
Grooming & cleaning
3 What is special about your pet
4 What you like about your pet

We will conclude our day at 2pm with a dress up parade by children and their pets. Children can dress their pets and themselves in any costume they like. All uncaged animals need to be taken home at 2.30pm. 

Phew......I think that's pretty much it! It promises to be a great day and I know there will be exciting and interesting opportunities for learning for all of our tamariki. We hope that many of you will also enjoy the day with us. 

Nga mihi nui
Belinda and the Pet Day Crew 

Please direct any questions you have to Belinda: 
Email Belinda@pegasusbay.school.nz