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Learning Support

What does our school do to help pupils who need a boost or need extending?

One of our clever teachers, Nicola Mathwin, has produced a pamphlet that helps parents know what to ask for when their child needs help. It is especially designed for seeking help with children with dyslexia but the questions etc are useful in many situations. Well done Nicola!

Download it on the right.

What we believe at Pegasus Bay:
  • All students are valued and belong
  • All students are able to access learning in a range of settings
  • All students are empowered by success, whatever that looks like for them
  • It’s our job to make a difference and provide additional support
  • All students will be supported to succeed
Dyslexia Information
Dyslexia Pamphlet
How we are going to do this:
  • Teachers talking with and listening to children
  • Knowing the children and how they learn
  • Showing interest
  • Professional conversations
  • Being informed/educated
  • Involving families
  • Clear identification processes
  • Early intervention
  • Assessment that is relevant
  • Accountability
  • Adaptive Learning Plans (ALP’s)
  • Create/modify programmes to suit students needs
  • Clearly define next steps
  • Use appropriate resources
  • Celebrate progress
  • Make Referrals
  • Involve outside agencies