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Term Planner

Please stay informed by keeping the Term Planner up on the fridge or somewhere visible.  It will come home to you with the first newsletter of each term.

As best we can, we outline dates for the term ahead. This gives you a chance to see what is coming up and plan time off work or rearrange your schedule so you can support your child at school events. Sometimes there may need to be some date changes but we do this reluctantly.

To view our most up to date calendar, check the one on on the home page of our website or on the phone app.
You can find the term dates for 2017 here.
2018 Term Planners
Term 1 2018
Term 2 2018
Term 3 2018
2017 Term Planners
Term 1 planner 2017
Term 2 planner 2017
Term 3 planner 2017
Term 4 Planner 2017